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28 November 2011 @ 06:51 pm
Miss K usually loses her keys somewhere in the house so i dug up an old key finder (unopened) from a surplus parts box she got me last christmas. Pulled the battery tabs and tried to program it but the beeper part that attaches to the keychain just beeped and beeped like crazy. I could reset it into learning mode but it would quickly jump into learned and beeping mode.

Quick Fix! Stuck it in the microwave and programmed it in there. The microwave is a small faraday cage and luckily filtered the same frequencies that were interfering with the keyfinder.
03 August 2011 @ 04:28 am
Ok, the dust has settled a bit and those with cameras have put their lovely pictures online. These are my vanity pics but please go look at my friend's photo streams here and here for a view of all the fantastic costumes at Otakon 2011.

Imperial Guard Catachan Devil with Inquisitor and a Sister of Battle.

Catachan Devil with the Inquisitor.

Mild tension between an Imperial Guard Inquisitor and a Catachan Devil.

FFXIII Lightning with DR. Venture and a Catachan Devil.

BTW, serious looks on our faces is GOOD.. hahah. The Warhammer 40k universe is dark and grim. Endless war in every direction and almost zero hope for an end. Zealotry has replaced hope. Blind faith has replaced reason. Anyways, it's a-ok for us to have grim looks :)
01 August 2011 @ 04:30 am
Had an excellent time! More descriptions and pictures later though..

26 July 2011 @ 03:37 pm
Some weeks ago i went to a local renaissance faire with friends. I put a few pics up on G+ but just now got around to putting them on photobucket. The night before, i made a crappy kilt from three yards of fabric i bought at walmart (at 2am). It turned out pretty decent. All you do is lay out the fabric, make pleats, lay down (naked) on it, and wrap it around your body. Someday i'd like to buy fabic of the right type and dimensions. It's very comfortable unless you're sitting on scratchy grass.

One of the many fairies there

Pre-Joust games

Cute family

Me, looking at steel

crazy pickle-man

Nice set of leather armor


Mary and Dan shooting at targets

Dan with awesome root beer

Daphney and Sarah
30 June 2011 @ 10:39 pm
I'm on google+ Amicoolyet? Still playing with it but i like the privacy defaults already. Phone number.. not default exposed to everyone in the world. This is sanity.

Made a first post and google seems to have (very helpfully) sent emails to people who don't have a google+ account yet. It asked me if that was ok, very nice :)

So! If anyone reading this would like an invite, PM me your email and i'll get one to you. You might have to wait some indeterminate amount of time before it lets you in, but it'll happen. I previously signed up for the waiting list and nothing ever came. So getting a friend invite seems the best option right now.
30 June 2011 @ 02:42 am
Crawling through the trash of the internet in search of a google+ invite. Got one and google has stopped taking new accounts : / But a nice guy on /g/ did hook me up with an invite. Hopefully it will activate tomorrow.
22 June 2011 @ 07:32 pm
Pulled out most of the weeds from the garden. There are actually a lot of blackberries growing, take a peek : )

The only things growing in there right now are plants that survived the winter, mostly the blackberry plants i bought last year. Since Dan and I decided to leave this house in october, neither of us has planted anything. But it looks like some sweet basil and carrots have come back. I pulled up a weed that turned out to be a carrot, oops. But at least it was one of the small ones. The other carrots are spread all over as if wild.

Also, i received the mother of all compliments from Kristina the other day. She said "Your abs look good." yay! It was probably a trick of the lights, but i'll take it : ) Since i'll be a shirtless Catachan Devil at Otakon, it's important that they at least look decent.
12 June 2011 @ 02:39 am
Played Ticket to Ride for the first time.. scored 181! I now also announce my retirement from ever playing that game again : )

We had a game night with some people from our meetup.com group. It was a lot of fun and Kristina found a new favorite game. Something called "The Great Dalmuti". Plays like that drinking game affectionately called asshole but it is a lot better. Also got to see a 3d gaming setup, it was interesting.

Beachhouse trip was great too. I enjoyed sitting in PeepingTom's or the Roost or CrowsNest or whatever we called it that day. Sitting up there with a glass of water and a book was fantastic. I did some skinny dipping which was something i have been wanting to do again for years. The drive out and back was long but well worth it.

Next up is Otakon. The costume is coming along. I went with Kristina to an art store "ArtSmart" and learned how to work with clay with her. Her symbol came out so nice that i want to make something there as well. I'm thinking two small symbols, a double-headed eagle and a skull with wings. Both symbols of the Imperial Guard. One will be a belt buckle, the other would be part of a necklace.
12 May 2011 @ 05:16 pm
I've been going to a Judo club with friends for almost a month now and really enjoying it. The instructor is a twice national champion and took a Silver when he competed at the Olympics. The best part is the club is in a nearby small country town and over half of the students are people i personally know.

Project wise, i've been learning Java. Writing a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft that creates miniature sieges of monsters. Then yesterday, wrote my first Android app. Still trying to get the hang of creating GUIs. After i get that figured out, Kristina gets the app for review.

Played through Portal 2 and loved it. Co-op was also a lot of fun and i hope for a new DLC that adds more multi-player games. Something like Capture the Flag would be fun. L4D2 is still the most popular game amongst friends but it's becoming something like the new Counter-Strike. Ingenuity takes backseat to Foreknowledge. Knowing the best spawn points and best rooms to survive an event from. I prefer a little more adventure and fun to repeating the same patterns over and over.

Anyways, K and i are going on vacation for a week starting this weekend. We'll be meeting up with three internet friends, two we've met before. We're bringing along four local friends as well. Should be a lot of fun.
26 March 2011 @ 07:24 am
I bet Kristina one full day of servitude that Michelle Rodriguez would live through Battle L.A. She did! We usually like her characters but she always dies. Not this time, yay!

There was one scene where an enemy machine was launching waves of rockets at her group. At one point the machine is aiming at a fighting position she's in and everyone there decides to bail. She struggles a second and then goes "I think i'm stuck!" and my stomach dropped. Kristina was on the edge of her seat whispering "yeeesssss".

I liked it as much as Independence Day. Though this had a lot more action in it because it featured ground troops versus ID's airforce pilots.

Other Movies:

  • The King's Speech - Great Movie. Very funny even though the synopsis sounds like it will be a boring documentary.

  • The Adjustment Bureau - Ok movie. Was more of a love story than the mind fuck it looked like. Kristina insists the Bureau is run by God. I thought they left it open enough that it could have been aliens, god, pick your higher power pretty much. People are comparing it to Inception.. don't listen to them. A.B. was a low stress love story. Inception was edge of the seat stress.

  • Unknown - Good movie. Though i felt this movie came from someone with a spy background, it was adapted enough for mass consumption. The bad guys were cold and unfeeling when they killed. No one liners or "unprofessional" conduct there. Very unHollywood and very appreciated : )

  • Sanctum - Loved it. I left the theater out of breath. I kept holding my breath over and over throughout that movie. Kristina and I were stressed out crushing each other's hands/arms, haha.