Carnes (tibman) wrote,

The Eco-Challangers are at it again!

Todays lesson: Sometimes you can plan for success and still fail.

Even though we didn't achieve what we set out to do, we had a great time. This weekend we set our sights on "Twin Caves". After a map recon, we decided it wouldn't be hard to get to the caves and we would have plenty of time to explore them. But no! the journey was more difficult than expected. First we decended from an alt of 190 to 120 in under 30 meters... next we crossed the freaky train-track bridge 20 meters over water. Then we trek'd a few kilometers through the forest and found ourselves standing in front of what could only be described as "that swamp from Lord of the Rings". It took a long time and lots of log crossings to get past that one. By that time darkness was coming and we still had a 70m accent in front of us.. oh yeah, we did it. The next morning we continued on through a 2k long winding valley.. a constant uphill battle against the creek. Finally, we reached the caves! But, what's this.. they're only holes in the ground... Yes folks! Holes! That surveyer should be shot.. well, maybe just wounded.

Carnes, "i'm going in!"
*Carnes takes off everything except his boxers and his boots and ventures into the cave*
Eades, "What do you see?"
Carnes, "Not sure, my light is going dead.."
*All kinds off wierd bugs crawl all over Carnes while the light is out*
Carnes "Ahhh! AHHHH!"
*Carnes emerges from the cave.. and his boxers are soaked."

Smeck, "Lets try the other cave."
Eades, "Maybe sediment is just clogging up the entrance."
Smeck, "Yeah! Hey, Carnes.. i'll lower you down with a rope."
Carnes, "hmm, ok.."
*20 minutes pass*
Smeck, "woa, i guess it really didn't go anywhere.. Geez Carnes, you're covered in muck!"

The narrative is just to hold you over until the pictures get developed.

Oh yea, and on the way back, we caught HUGE crawdads.. guess what we did with em?? Boiled and ate em! mmm good.. Soon we're going to try a survival trip, where each member can only carry 15 pounds of equipment for 3-4 days of camping. I'm going to bring 15 pounds of gummi bears!

On another note: Because i drive the commander of Fort Knox QRF (Quick Reaction Force), I got a cool plastic card with numbers and junk on it. The commander told me if i lose it, i get an instant article 15.. wahoo!
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