Carnes (tibman) wrote,

woa, life just got complicated..

Well, everyone's lives probably just got very complicated. Questions fill you head; Do i volunteer? Do i just keep doing what i'm doing? Do i get more "hardcore"?

We've had a number of people volunteer to go.. guess what? They're in the sandbox right now. I've always been one to volunteer, to challange, to go on the adventure without looking or planning. This time i'm not sure.. Continue with what i'm doing and start college next fall (not this fall), or volunteer (minimum 365 day deployment, and yes, i've seen the orders for it). Many of my friends have already left, and i feel like i'm missing my calling. But going will most definately meen i won't be going Guard next June.


If the president calls a state of emergency, or Scouts become "stop loss", i'm going to the sandbox. If not, i'll keep doing what i'm doing. *grrrr*.. if any of my BattleBuddies get killed, i'll never stop thinking i could have been there to save them. I could never forgive myself..
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