Carnes (tibman) wrote,

An interesting day..

Well, today has become one of those days you refer to as "Remember that one sunday?".

Eades came over last night around 2300 hrs to tell me we had work today (Sunday). "hmm", i thought. "Wonder what's going on?"
So, i showed up in PTs around 0545, formation was at 0630. Some people didn't make it in on time, so we did another formation at 0730, this time everyone showed up. We ran and ran and ran, then did some pushups and flutter kicks, then ran some more. Not much fun when you are carrying the guideon (only carried it around 1/3 of the way though, Eades carried it most of the way). After that, we got into BDUs and marched down to the Barracks and did police call for a few hours, then did some room inspections, and finished it off with a march down to the post flag to listen to a speech the CO gave (around 1730). He said Delta Troop doesn't have any discipline.

I think he is seeing things backwards though. When a medic/pac clerk or whatever walks over and tells us to do something, we give em the Delta Troop salute (the salute only involves one finger). Don't get me wrong, if we are supposed to do something, we do it, but if someone outside the troop tells us to do something we have no earthly business doing... well, it's a Scout tradition. It has always been that we only follow our leaders, never just someone passing by.

Well, i'd better get ready for monday.. this is going to be a long week
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