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10 March 2003 @ 06:32 pm
is that an LCD high definition wide screen flat display in your hands?  

Yes it is!
I bought a display from a friend for $20. He described it as "one of those new looking flat monitors". Low and behold it was a $699.99 flat display. The attached cable is nothing like i've seen before, it is a USB looking thing but four times as wide. I've researched everything on the net, and it appears that it is something native to Japanese Sony Vaio computers. So, the only place they sell the display is in Japan. I've run the few pages i could find about the display through a language converter (babelfish) and they describe the display connecter as "attachment liquid crystal display private display output (40 pins)". They don't even have a name for the connector!, just a description. My guess is that is somekind of DVI + sound connector. More on this later..
Danwarraven on March 8th, 2003 04:01 pm (UTC)
that's cool man
hey man that's really awesome.. and it seems that you got a really kick ass deal :).. so anyway what's up in the world of a US Army Cav Scout? Things are still sucking here, but with the input from you and my dad, things seems to be a little better than before. I passed my PT test and i got OC certified (oh my god dude, you don't ever want to get OC'ed... it totally sucks ass). yeah.. so other than that it's been life as normal down here in GTMO. catch you in a few months.