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04 March 2003 @ 11:01 pm
Home life
Well, i did some more work on cityofminds.com, its starting to look pretty good. The server still needs a working mail daemon, but one step at a time.
My room is getting pretty cool. I have a nice workstation setup for both of my computers. It even includes a coffee station :)

Work life
Being a Specialist is a lot of fun. I can finally get ahead of the game. For anyone who doesn't know; I was moved from a 'line platoon' into headquarters platoon temporarily and once the First Sergeant saw I could type and wasn't dumb, he made the move permanent. Now i do a lot of work on the NCO side of the house (paper work). Not to mention i've become the CO's driver. Headquarters platoon has become the "elite" among the troop. We have the highest PT score average of all platoons. We work later, harder, and are generally more squared away than most. I'm very proud to be in the platoon.
(Anonymous) on March 5th, 2003 05:34 pm (UTC)

From looking at your other comments, we are not the only ones having a hard time getting in touch with you. You have some mail here at the house, Insurance and Investment stuff. Come by and get it when you can. Remember, there may be something you need to file your taxes.

Now on to getting in touch with you. My bet is that you set your phone down somewhere and cannot remember. You have tried calling it from your room, heard no ring....your office, same result. By this time the battery is surely dead.

Take care, see you on the high ground. BTW, thanks for giving Dan thoughts that will help get his head on straight. I am getting worried about Chain of Command failures down there and he will need all the help he can get.

MSG Dan's Dad
(Anonymous) on March 8th, 2003 11:11 am (UTC)
We aren't related... they adopted me...
hehe... it's me, Nick... I just wanted to tell ya that the site is coming along very nicely... :) I got screwed by my host and he tried to shut me down, but within 30 minutes of finding out that I was shut off, I had a new guy lined up! :D lol... Yeah... :P But I noticed that there was a link to a Message Board, but there wasn't anything there... well, if you want you can help a friend and I test a php forum that he scripted... :) I'm making the design for it now, that way it can look pretty, but the code itself is basically finished... :P There are still a few bugs, since the forum is in its beta stages, but it's getting there... lol... well... until I get a hold of my friend who registered the domain for me, my DNS won't be resolved, so if you wanna see the site you gotta go to:

It will be very nice... :P I made a BRAND New template that looks much better than the old one. :P lol... well, I'll talk to ya later.