Carnes (tibman) wrote,


Home life
Well, i did some more work on, its starting to look pretty good. The server still needs a working mail daemon, but one step at a time.
My room is getting pretty cool. I have a nice workstation setup for both of my computers. It even includes a coffee station :)

Work life
Being a Specialist is a lot of fun. I can finally get ahead of the game. For anyone who doesn't know; I was moved from a 'line platoon' into headquarters platoon temporarily and once the First Sergeant saw I could type and wasn't dumb, he made the move permanent. Now i do a lot of work on the NCO side of the house (paper work). Not to mention i've become the CO's driver. Headquarters platoon has become the "elite" among the troop. We have the highest PT score average of all platoons. We work later, harder, and are generally more squared away than most. I'm very proud to be in the platoon.
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