Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Staff duty rocks!

Well, not really, but it gives you lots of time to.. hmm, well sit and stare at a wall. And if you think staring at walls is fun, you'd love to have staff duty.

My two NCOs and RTO are out doing stuff right now.. so SPC Carnes has the entire squadron to himself *evil laughing*...

Not much going on really. I have a new website (mostly since is in dispute at the moment), it's called "". I have a basic site layout done and i'm already making a CGI run security gateway. Lately i haven't been working on Ironwill ( from the lack of good ideas and programming help (Dan, Brent, Josh, whoever are all busy/gone). Though, i have been working a couple small things; Redoing strutils.cpp (a string manipulation library i wrote back in the day), actt (Advanced Cgi Tib Tools), and laying the groundwork for comsys, a communication device layer for *nix featuring various crypto functions.

Well, back to work..
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