Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Goodbye cyber world..

Hey everybuddy, i'm going to be shutting down my link to the cyber world in seven days. I just don't really have the time to program AND be a good Soldier. It would be wrong of me to not be the best soldier i could be during my time in the Army. Don't worry, this isn't a permanent thing, it's just until the end of this year. Starting next year (2004), i'll apply to UK (or maybe UofL), look for an appartment, join the guard, and build a new computer. I don't have much longer in the Army and i just want to be the best soldier i can possibly be. I've talked with a few people about this, Ross and Dan mostly. Of course they always say "the day Sean gives up his computers is a cold day in hell." Well, it is going to be a cold winter ;)

If anyone would like to take care of the server, give me a call. (though they can use whatever domain name they want.) I'll show you how to setup and use the server. (just temporarily, i'll need her back in a year) Sorry if you are using webspace or something like that on the server, you can always set it up for yourself if you want.

If email or messenger was the only way you use to reach me, you can always call me at (270) 300-0024.
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