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22 December 2002 @ 12:36 am
LOTR - worth the wait  
Welp, finally saw "Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers" last night. Talk about cool! I'm going to try and not spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet... but i absolutely love the trees.. and when they attack.. and when they.. AHHHH! sorry, i digress..

Not much going on lately..

HMMWV fire
A HMMWV caught on fire and took a .50 Cal, one M16A2 rifle, two sets of NODs (night observation device), a few crates of .50 cal ammo (blank), and a lot of other misc equipment. My buddy Jimenez was driving it when flames erupted from the underside. I'm not going to say much as there have been a crap load of inspectors asking questions and not to mention the wreckage was escorted out of the training area by a pair of Apaches.

Mike off to Kuwait again
Mike called last night and said he was off to Kuwait again. Why you ask? Because he volunteered so he could leave his current unit. He leaves in about a month. More on this later.

Dan's "status"
Dan called last night and said everything was green-2-green. (all sensitive items accounted for). He reports that the beach is nice and has plans for harpooning roadside cacti from a speeding HMMWV. Doesn't sound too bad!

Cyber Freedom
Lately i've been tracking a lot of issues dealing in online security and freedom. I know, blah blah blah.. But things are really starting to change in the world. Information is being restricted on subject matter to those who need it most. When people in China google for political issues they can only reach Government approved sites. The US now has a new DOD program called TIA (Total Information Awareness). It is basicaly a larger version of Carnivore. Though its purpose has good intentions, it can put too much information in too few hands. Would you like a computer analyzing what websites you goto and who you send email to or who you call at 0200 hrs and determine if you are a terrorist or not? Thats like arresting a kid for checking out too many science books from the library because he could be learning how to make a bomb with them. On a side note, the head guy of the TIA program, Poindexter, received a little taste of what he was creating when a group of hackers and phone phreaks gathered every piece of info on him they could muster (including arial photos of his home) and published it. His published phone number is now out of service.

When i become an old man, i still want to be able to live my life without showing my "papers" or proving i am who i say i am every 20 minutes.
Danwarraven on December 27th, 2002 05:42 am (UTC)
that's what i'm screamin
hey man,
kick ass about mike, hopefully he'll start liking the army life more than he has been for the last year. so have you talked to my dad any about the 223rd? it would be kick ass if you joined that unit! you haven't even ETS-ed and i'm already phsyched! anyway, have fun, hopefully no more HMMWV's blow up, and good luck w/ Iron Will!

now i'm off to go complete my PT ;0