Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Weeding the Garden

Pulled out most of the weeds from the garden. There are actually a lot of blackberries growing, take a peek : )

The only things growing in there right now are plants that survived the winter, mostly the blackberry plants i bought last year. Since Dan and I decided to leave this house in october, neither of us has planted anything. But it looks like some sweet basil and carrots have come back. I pulled up a weed that turned out to be a carrot, oops. But at least it was one of the small ones. The other carrots are spread all over as if wild.

Also, i received the mother of all compliments from Kristina the other day. She said "Your abs look good." yay! It was probably a trick of the lights, but i'll take it : ) Since i'll be a shirtless Catachan Devil at Otakon, it's important that they at least look decent.
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