Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Played Ticket to Ride for the first time.. scored 181! I now also announce my retirement from ever playing that game again : )

We had a game night with some people from our group. It was a lot of fun and Kristina found a new favorite game. Something called "The Great Dalmuti". Plays like that drinking game affectionately called asshole but it is a lot better. Also got to see a 3d gaming setup, it was interesting.

Beachhouse trip was great too. I enjoyed sitting in PeepingTom's or the Roost or CrowsNest or whatever we called it that day. Sitting up there with a glass of water and a book was fantastic. I did some skinny dipping which was something i have been wanting to do again for years. The drive out and back was long but well worth it.

Next up is Otakon. The costume is coming along. I went with Kristina to an art store "ArtSmart" and learned how to work with clay with her. Her symbol came out so nice that i want to make something there as well. I'm thinking two small symbols, a double-headed eagle and a skull with wings. Both symbols of the Imperial Guard. One will be a belt buckle, the other would be part of a necklace.
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