Carnes (tibman) wrote,

I won the bet.

I bet Kristina one full day of servitude that Michelle Rodriguez would live through Battle L.A. She did! We usually like her characters but she always dies. Not this time, yay!

There was one scene where an enemy machine was launching waves of rockets at her group. At one point the machine is aiming at a fighting position she's in and everyone there decides to bail. She struggles a second and then goes "I think i'm stuck!" and my stomach dropped. Kristina was on the edge of her seat whispering "yeeesssss".

I liked it as much as Independence Day. Though this had a lot more action in it because it featured ground troops versus ID's airforce pilots.

Other Movies:

  • The King's Speech - Great Movie. Very funny even though the synopsis sounds like it will be a boring documentary.

  • The Adjustment Bureau - Ok movie. Was more of a love story than the mind fuck it looked like. Kristina insists the Bureau is run by God. I thought they left it open enough that it could have been aliens, god, pick your higher power pretty much. People are comparing it to Inception.. don't listen to them. A.B. was a low stress love story. Inception was edge of the seat stress.

  • Unknown - Good movie. Though i felt this movie came from someone with a spy background, it was adapted enough for mass consumption. The bad guys were cold and unfeeling when they killed. No one liners or "unprofessional" conduct there. Very unHollywood and very appreciated : )

  • Sanctum - Loved it. I left the theater out of breath. I kept holding my breath over and over throughout that movie. Kristina and I were stressed out crushing each other's hands/arms, haha.

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