Carnes (tibman) wrote,

oh, that feels nice

Stargate:Universe is airing its remaining episodes. Just finished s2e11 and it was great. The crew finally has their shit together and they're working as a team (seriously). Brody, MSG Greer, Eli.. missed you guys. You too, 1LT Johansen.

Some tasteful romance between 1LT Scott and Chloe (though not a fan of Scott). Dr Rush has mellowed finally and is actually likable now (that was a long time coming and some deaths along the way). He is a damn good actor too.

I'm extremely excited to see the rest of the series. If the rest is as good as this last episode.. i think we can count on a reprieve from Syfy. Don't cancel it! I actually like SG:U over Fringe, Doctor Who, Dexter, Lost, you name it. Though nothing has yet to beat out Farscape.. not much has had the chance. So many shows canceled early or totally jacked up mid-way by execs (like Sliders and so on). Either way, SG:U has some time left to leave a mark : )

Ah, and i apologize for not putting all my pictures under a cut. But i don't post often anymore and feel like gobbling up everyone's friends page :p
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