Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Treadmill computer

Almost done with a small project. Added a display to my bedroom server so i can watch tv while running on the treadmill.


Of course you can chat, browse ebay/etsy, or whatever you normally do at a computer. It's awkward to stand and use a computer (for me anyways) and nearly impossible to do anything while running. But it's been enjoyable to just "walk an episode" instead of crashing on the couch. Eventually i'd like to be in good enough shape again to run a full episode.

The keyboard is spill resistant (from sweat/water) and the display is attached to an articulating arm bolted to a wooden stand that i made. The computer itself has been under my dresser for a while now.. it's the second hobo box. The computer can also be remotely accessed via VNC.

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