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03 August 2010 @ 12:49 am
Maker Faire in Detroit  
Went to the Maker Faire in Detroit this last weekend with Kristina. First time seeing one and it was fantastic. Some semi-random highlights..
Eepy Bird show

This guy in a kilt with an awesome T-shirt

Me in a kilt

Automated web controlled brewery

Bre Petis with a MakerBot

We also saw some LVL1.org folks from the Louisville hackerspace.. small world! If you haven't seen eepy bird before, check this out. Didn't see many vendors i was familiar with, but did see liquidware. They have excellent stuff (usually out of my project price range though).

It was a great event. Life sized game of mousetrap. People who were melting old car parts down into some new interesting things. Giant angry robot band. Crazy bikes to get around the event. Some very large interactive art exhibits. Some Ignite talks (tech difficulties though). Amazing stuff and amazing people.. i highly recommend attending if you can.
i.: Pikachumousewings on August 3rd, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I had to Google this event and it sounds neat. Human sized mouse trap=especially awesome.

Eepy bird! That was at a past expo when I was little. I didn't see it but will next time it's here.

And you look cute in the kilt. :)
(Anonymous) on August 5th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
Asked the boss today if a kilt is allowed by the dress code. He laughed and then looked serious.. then laughed again. Not sure what that means.

Maker Faire shouldn't be limited to the US, i have no doubt they will have one in your area. You might like all the homemade dresses / clothing / jewelry. It's like the whole of etsy laid out in front of you (except with robots, fire, and mad science).