Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Commo Project: prototype hardware (mostly) finished


Finished remaking the prototype version of the communication device. Take a look! All the hardware is fully functional too.

Hardware details:

  • LCD is 128x64 pixles with adjustable backlight
  • Touchscreen resolution is approx 200x200 (more than enough for that screen)
  • Power is two 2500 mAh rechargable NiMH batteries. Can easily substitute two normal AA's if you want.
  • The Radio is currently a short-range Xbee and easily upgradable.
  • The onboard computing power is done with an 18MHZ ATmega328 micro controller

I'm thinking of building a solar-powered AA NiMH recharger. After all, when the zombie-apocalypse comes you probably won't be able to use a power outlet.
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