Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Front tactile switches + side distractions

Finished putting two front tactile sensors together. Trying to solder the switches to nails proving difficult so i went with superglue and heatshrink tubing over that (just incase). Dan is asleep right now, so i'll do actual engine testing tomorrow after work.

wiring up front tactile switches robot,electonics,arduino robot,electronics,arduino

Side projects! Two kits from and a solder fume sucker thing

This guy crawls towards light and is completely solar powered.

This guy just moved around randomly (had him on my desk window for a week or so now)

A fume sucker thing. Dan showed me one on a few weeks ago. The fumes get sucked into the delicious nesquik bottle and filtered with activated carbon. I found a 12v 80mm computer fan and a 12v DC power adapter (from an old cable modem). Works great!
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