Carnes (tibman) wrote,

normal things

Yay! i don't have the 4 boxes of sadness...
(Thanks mousewings)

Haven't done much to the robot this last week. Replaced a lot of the hardware holding it together, that's it. But i've been experimenting with more arduino stuff. Honestly, i'm just a little scared to do the next bit of plastic cutting. I'm ocd on design and often tear apart and redo my projects several times to get them right... i'm scared to cut all this plastic and not get it right! Blahhhh, just need to cut the stuff and move on.

Ordered a Symet from to fill the idle time (and postpone more plastic cutting). I plan on putting him in my window at work... YES, i actually have a window! i know, so exciting. Other Officers/Civilians have plants and war memorabilia.. i want a mindless solar powered robot in MY window :)
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