Carnes (tibman) wrote,

side projects stealing the show

Been working on an i2c real time clock and a Digital IO expander for the arduino. Those two projects have been sucking up too much time, hah. When i bought them i was thinking "neato! i just plug them in and bam! new device added." Almost done with the IO expander though.. it's actually working right now on the desk (blinking at me). Just need to make it work better and clean up the code.

Spiders. They are always invading my room :/ This morning when i woke up a dark blob with legs too close to my face was startled by the light and tried to scramble away. In a panic i grabbed a hanger with those little spring-loaded clothespin things and trapped him inside (lethal, i assure you). Today at work i sketched out several robots to guard my door from these creepy invaders.

I'm thinking, how hard can it be? Just a tiny roving robot in my room. See a moving object, drive up to within an inch of it, CRUSH IT WITH MIGHTY ROBOT ARMS! WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong?
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