Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Some success with plastic

Yay, some success making the plastic hull. It started kind of rough though. I tried to dremel out the base part and made a huge mess. Today, LadyBandit and I split the cost of a drill-press thing for the dremel. What a difference that made! Straight holes and much easier to use. So far, the road wheels and the drive system are installed. Still need to measure, drill, and install the last wheel. Then the robot should be drivable again. If everything looks good, i'll cut out the side pieces and make a platform for the IR sensors.

robot prototype plastic robot prototype plastic

The metal bar axles you see on the roadwheels will be replaced with tiny 3mm bolts (as soon as i can find an american store with metric bolts. /me frowns)

hah, just noticed that a lot of pictures are usually on the mousepad. That's because it's the only uncluttered part of the desk. The rest is covered in parts/electronics/tools (maybe some empty bottles too, i admit).
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