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28 August 2009 @ 11:28 pm
Finished soldering the motor driver  
Yay! Finished making soldering the Motor driver + batteries + motors. The whole drive system is permanent now, feels good. There are still breadboard style leads going to the arduino though. I really liked Dan's breadboard wires he got from Sparkfun.com so i tried to make my own.. they're decentish (if occasional shorting doesn't bother you).

Dan and I also went to RadioShack to shop around for robot parts. I found some perfect switches for the bumper.

After it was soldered and put back together, i drove it around the office a bit.. it's so awesome, haha. Forgot to take a picture and it's somewhat taken apart again.. but i'll put up a few pictures (video?) soon!

Also, final thing.. i promise. Ordered the plastic! Should be here in five days or so. can't wait :)