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not before my tea, please

Everyone has a morning ritual, i'm sure. The first thing i usually do after waking up is make tea. This morning when i opened the dishwasher i was greeted with a horrid smell and all my dishes were ankle deep in a pond scum substance. Not before my tea please! So i started the kettle and went looking for tools. Apparently i thought it was a good idea to leave all the good tools in the Jeep and there's no way i'm leaving the appartment before tea. Aha! so i find a leatherman multi-tool in the camping gear. Wasn't more than 5 minutes into disassembling the trap (under water of course) and the leatherman slips and somehow cuts my palm open : / I pour the boiling water over some loose-leaf tea and cus a bit.

I dig up my secondary CLS bag and clean up the cut, yeah, needs stitches.. damnit. So i tape it up and put on an army surgical glove. The glove goes halfway up your arm, not sure why? But it will keep the nasty water out, atleast.

Finally get the trap apart and clean it out. The pond water sits staring at me, making sure i understand it won't be moving any time soon. I checked the sink and the garbage disposal was full, maybe that's it? Hope so. I'm taking the lazy approach and just running the dishwasher again. Now usually when someone takes the lazy approach it ends with the situation getting worse and a lesson learned. Pray for me, haha.
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