Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Moving soon..

Yup, moving closer to Ft Knox, Dan and I found a place we like. It's a three bedroom, two car garage, and plenty of space for two guys. Rent is less than my current apartment in Louisville too! mmm, while typing this i accidently spilled tea everywhere.. but i only have one clean towel right now. So i took of my clothes and used those instead. Not something you can do while guests are over i guess, but i'd hate to waste my last clean towel :/

Anyways, i've run into one of my biggest problems with my new job. Since i program at home my Boss never sees me work. So he constantly emails me stuff like "Update please..." and all i can say is "i'm working on it but it's all things you can't see". Sounds like i'm just BS'ing him.. but i'm not. What's the common solution to keep your Boss at bay when he thinks you're goofing off?
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