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Is that CSM Ashley's truck you guys are driving?

Today, 1SG Noe told us to report to the Squadron CSM for a detail.. i was.. "ohh shit!". Usually its a bad thing for the CSM to know your name.. but Schmeckpeper and I have been seeing a lot of him lately and its all been good. Anyways, onto the story, CSM Ashley walked up to us and asked "Can you two act like Sereants?". We looked at each other and sounded off with a good "Yes, Sergeant Major!". He walked us outside to his truck and handed us the keys to his truck. He told us to go get some equipment from MIF so we could put up some signs. We must have driven around in a dozen circles hootin and hollerin in the Motorpool.. it was cool.. After we got the equipment we were thinking.. "a Sergeant would just take the initiative and go put up the signs without the CSM." So, we did.. we were almost done putting up the last one when SSG Ozment (my Platoon Sergeant) called and said the CSM put him in the front leaning rest until we returned.. LOL.. He didn't know we were putting up the signs though. So we sped back and went into the CSM's office and told him we already put up the signs and returned the equipment. He was like "Good GOD!"... he thought it was cool and gave us both 1/16 Cav, Squadron Coins! SCORE!

The Thanksgiving dinner at the Chow Hall was earlier today... it was awesome.. decorations galore and food as far the Bino's can see. I took a kiwi that had a little farmer hat and a face. I stole his hat and Schmeck ate him ;)
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