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LJ says it's been 129 weeks since the last post. Guess this one is a tad overdue?

It sounds silly, but i have to apologize for dropping out of sight. I was working an unskilled-labor type job, stopped pursuing hobbies, stopped working out, generally drifting into obscurity and somehow ok with it, hah. I partially blame it on the mystery illness of Jan 2007.

I feel much better now than i have in the past two years. Best thing in my life is Kristina and i like it that way. Currently doing programming work for a good company and planning on moving closer to Ft Knox soon (Dan and I are looking at places in the area). My personal hobbies are pretty much hanging out with Kristina, watching movies, and programming.

I've done some good programming work on a few AI projects. My obsession has been Neural Networks and evolving them genetically. I have to give Zach Barno credit for bringing N-Nets to my attention, he has accidently and greatly affected my life. My latest project doesn't learn over generations but is self-learning and adjusting while the overall topology is evolved genetically. It is one of my life goals to keep exploring and improving these NeuralNets to see where they lead.

Kristina's cat, Nyu, has been living at my place for almost a week now. He's a cool cat but never lets me sleep.. ever, haha. I don't mind him, except when he sits and stares at me.

Just want to say hello to whoever still has me as a friend :) I'll leave this as no-comment because i'm embarrased to have gone so long without posting.. i want to avoid any "OMG!" posts, hah.
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