Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Did some more great camping. I always get so lonely out there. I did make a new friend though. He just walked up and sat down next to me while i was reading Blood sucking fiends.

The first night, it was raining like crazy and there was multiple tornado warnings for the area. I had a little blue tarp as my shelter and it held up just fine.

The second night i slept in a rock shelter (shhh, you're not supposed to do it). It was wayyy drier in there. Not to mention no rocks and roots stabbing me in the back when i slept.

The third day held the best scenery by far. It wasn't as grand as some of the others.. but it had a never-neverland feel to it. Just that fantasy fairytale feeling. I was expecting to meet up with Peter Pan at any moment and help him defeat some pirates. Which, by the way, i'm prepared to do at all times.

more pics..
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