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Well, just got back from this weekends camping trip. WAHOO! it was awesome! We were looking at an Army map last thursday and saw this cave.. "Wailer Cave". But to get to it we had to canoe across the Ohio River then hike 3k with all our gear. These hills made Misery and Agony look like speed bumps (if you don't know, Misery and Agony are legendary hills on fort knox). The hills peaked at just over 200 meters. Anyways, we were right on course and found the cave EXACTLY where we thought it was going to be... Give a Scout a map and compass and he can find anything! Anyways... This cave was absolutely HUGE! Chamber after chamber, tunnel after tunnel... there was one part where you had low-crawl through a little 20 foot "pipe" in the rock. We never got to explore the whole thing.. but we did find an awful lot. We needed rope and stuff to explore more probably.. there were holes that dropped down into other chambers. It was a rush.. Did i mention lots of bats? We were also going to repel down the side of the cliff the Mouth was on, but ran out of time :( Oh well! It was an absolute blast! I'll put pictures up after they get developed.
- If you're wondering, i went with Ian (my battle buddy), Scott (a cool guy i work with), and Gooch (a NFG we've invited to the group.. he's cool and sings cool songs about "when i was in Saigon")
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