Carnes (tibman) wrote,

This started out as a comment to Dan's on the last post.. but it grew and grew. Now it's a full grown post. Amazing how quick they grow up when you're not paying attention.

That's sounds nice. But nobody should have to tiptoe around topics. Who wants to live a scripted life? Things are different, i'm cool with that. Besides, life is so full of drama, any awkward moments will be forgotten in days. Atleast i'll forget anyways.

Eric and I were talking a while back - i haven't seen him for over a month - and he said life revolves around relationships. How true that is. Who cares about acheiving anything if you don't have a friend to share it with.

We're all living in temp housing waiting for out flight out of here. I mostly read random sci-fi and play Blackhawk Down on our mini-lan we set up. Towards the end everyone is losing that military edge. That rigid adherence to Army life. We don't organize by teams/squads anymore, just clicks. My tent usually wakes up around noon everyday, it's great.

Our replacements seemed alright. Good luck to those guys, I don't envy them at all. Their 1sg calls them assholes and all the E6-E7s have some kind of union. I tried to give my extra ammo to some of their guys and they looked at it like it was an illegal stash of drugs or something. They'll learn. All our special toys and makeshift equipment went to the dumpster instead of needy hands. They'll learn. They choose their equipment on aesthetic properties instead of function. They'll learn just like we did. Just like i did. All kinds of, now useless, information. Maybe that's the funny feeling about going home. We just want to drink and lounge because that's what we want to do here. But once there, it'll be something different. We'll want adventure and thrills.

Do you ever notice that you're more apt to read another persons journal entry if its short? You do eventually read it if it isn't, but still, you just kinda want the summary. You can always ask them for the details later. Maybe that's just something i developed here. Hah, developed here.

I just thought of something. Sarah once invited Dan and I to this starving thing. You don't eat for 36 hours and it raises money/awareness for unfortunates elsewhere. Lets you feel what it's like to starve. To feel true hunger. I like that idea. We all need to starve a little bit in our lives to appreciate it. I know i certainly appreciate mine.

Time for chow.. g'night, love you all.
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