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Progress on IronWill? I think so!

Atlast! Significant progress is being made to Ironwill. The netcode has been sitting around waiting for some kind of 2d interface to be invented. Hello, glOrtho(...)! Text and a menu system is on the way, wahoo! After it's done i'll fully integrate the network thread enabling multiplayer capabilities! Come join the server and watch other cubes float around! It's so exciting, lol! Anyways, it'll be a while before i allow the network client to be compiled.. atleast two weeks (if the menu system works as i think it is).

I know what you're thinking, WTF is IronWill! Duh, a future "Best Game of the Year". I'm releasing the game FREE for linux to download and $10 - $20 for a CD. T-shirts too... you have to have T-shirts! Screenshots at

mmm ... T-shirts..

/me sings "macho macho man... i've gotta be, a macho man!"
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