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Everyone here is fine. We're still hanging out at Bucca waiting for.. whatever. The phones and internet were down for a few days so i'm posting asap just incase it goes down again. I took pictures of my Combat Life Saver bag for Sarah.. the new Sarah. Now that we're not working in the TIF anymore, I can use my camera again! We're all just kinda sitting around *cough* packing *cough* waiting for HQ to make the next move. We'll probably be back home in January. It depends really on when our relief arrives.
Dan, I mailed home two boxes. One has my laptop in it. It's just stuff we don't need right now. We're all mailing home stuff to make a possible move easier. Feel free to rumage through and use whatever you want. Just no selling it. My roommate sold a bunch of my stuff.. which really doesn't improve our roommate relationship. When I came back from leave my room was trashed. I made a point to clean everything and have all my stuff organized and out of the way before i left. It's still all messed up. So, i got my money from the guy for the things he sold. He even sold a DVD player that I borrowed from someone else! Talk about jacked up.
Anyways. I got my SAW back! Went out and zero'd it today. It's not my original, but it's in really good shape. The old one had half the paint baked off and several metal tears and breaks around the barrel. All from use here. Oh, and my team is getting a brand new truck. We haven't seen it yet but we're going to pick it up from Bagdad in a week or so. It's supposed to have less than 200 miles on it. Versus our old one thats been here since mid 2003 and the speedometer doesn't work so we don't even know how many miles we put on it.
It's strange to have so much spare time here. I'm not complaining though. Yesterday I went to the PX four times just to do something. Ever since this new group of AirForce came in they've been improving the area. Soon there's going to be a swimming pool! Thats friggin crazy.. Thats where those inflated bugets are going. Into the swimming pools. How much does water cost per gallon here anyways? Probably depends who's buying.

Gotta go.. times up.. I love you guys!! Be back soon.
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