Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Alright, i've already burned up most of my internet time checking email and reading a bunch of posts. Most everyone in the platoon is doing great. My team leader and my driver both got in trouble and kicked out of the TIF. Oh well. My other teammate has just been allowed back, yay! I pretty much live in a 6'x6' tower over looking 900+ detainees. There's the occasional incident or fire or whatever that breaks up the day a bit. The platoon is barely holding together under the restraints they've put on us. Layers and layers of procedures and rules regarding the detainees. I just sit like a zombie all day and watch these guys. It's like being a zoo keeper. You have to feed them.. and water them. They don't speak to you, even if you do talk to them in arabic. They crap in the middle of the soccer field because they're too lazy to walk to the WC. I actually have written down a bunch of questions on 3x5 cards to help stimulate my brain. I'm slowly becoming even more stupid than before. So, i'm applying for Vocational Rehab through the VA. The Army should be obligated to turn me back into a regular person. Or atleast make me less dumb? I'm still practially deaf in my left ear. They say it'll come back, but over a month has passed already!

Since i'm not allowed to take my SAW into the TIF, i had to give it up and qualify on an M4. Not a bad little rife. It feels like a toy compared to my saw though.

Blah blah.. enough army stuff.

I love getting hair cuts here. After they finish, they give you a massage. The first time, I didn't know he was going to do it and I thought he was attacking me. It was great though. I'm sure i like it a bit more than i should, but oh well.
It dawned on me tonight. I'm not going back to my old life. It doesn't exist anymore, too much has changed. I have to start a new one. It's kind of a strange feeling. I'm sure it will be strange for those around me too.
Somehow my bed is like five feet tall. I keep finding matresses and add them to my bed. It's actually getting fairly comfortable. Their version of a matress will pass for looks, but it feels like they made it out of old HMMWV shocks or something. Maybe they did? I should find out..

Midnight chow has become our "Jerrys" or "Steak n' Shake". We just hangout, make fun of life, and laugh at everything we can. We just don't have the time to unwind or use our fustration constructively. The other day i punched and kicked the door and broke it. The door didn't really deserve it either, so i did feel bad for it. They fixed him the next day with a brand new shiny handle though, so we're cool now.

Amazingly enough, my number hasn't been called yet. I've been typing with little structure in mind.. and not really checking my .. sentence correctness.. (i need rehab!) Well, i'm going to go shower, try to remember some details of my life, and go to sleep. I haven't been able to remember a dream in a while.. maybe tonight..

PS: I am an EXPERT at the staring game. I practice for like 80 hrs a week. try me..
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