Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Lost track of time. My squad is working the 1300 to 0100 shift at the detention center. We still have all our other duties as well, so there isn't much time for anything else. My favorite part of the day is going to midnight chow with my buddies and just relaxing. Oddly enough, the weather here has found a way to make it worse. The wind shifted from east to west and is blowing from the gulf (not far away). Phew, talk about humid. I drink 5 of those 1.5 liter water bottles during work. I don't think i've been thirsty in months. It's more like a drink or die kind of thing.

The strangest thing happened last night. I had the best dream of my entire life. I went to the PX and bought a new notebook for the sole purpose of remembering the dream. It was about love.

Has anyone noticed that a lot of posts these days start out as "sorry, i was busy" or "things are crazy"? The worst part is that it's true. Are we all being buried in life? Maybe a few have found a nice niche to hide away in. Lately my dreams have become my personal never-never-land. I often think about what my life will become after this. I have decided not to re-enlist because it would be counter-productive to my goals. Though the thought of complete seperation from the military makes me feel strange. So many of the things i accel in are only useful in a military function. But i will adapt and overcome, drink water and drive on. Forge out a new existance for myself. Start a new adventure.

These days i'm glad my memory is so terrible. I don't think i would be the same person otherwise. Maybe that's what makes me.. me?

gotta go, times up.

G'night. Love you
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