Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Good day!

Ok.. the day started out pretty tame. We went to see the tower of babil again with a few who hadn't seen it yet. After two hours or so we all rally back up and start to head out. Just as we were leaving, two blackhawks fly by and take a look at the tower as well. SFC Bowen, gunning in the last truck, says he saw one crash. There was a rather large plume of black smoke billowing from somewhere over the next ridge. So we quickly develop a plan to rescue the occupants of the crashed helicopter. Smoot, SGT Hopper, our interpreter, and I were lead vehicle and tried to get as close to the site as we could. The road ended about 400 meters from the smoke. So we all dismount and head toward the site. Smoot says he thinks he can get the truck over the terrain and heads back. The rest of the convoy leaves and tries to find a road leading in. SGT Hopper, the interpreter, and I are covering ground best we can. Just as we peek the last little hill we see it's a damn brick factory. The smoke was from a kiln. Smoot drives over and picks us up just as the convoy found a way in. So for a good 10 minutes on the way back all you can hear on the radio is "We've got a brickyard down.. brickyard down!".

After that i got in an argument with a security guy from the Academy. We were trying to get in and he wanted everyone to get out of the trucks to be searched. He wanted to see all our IDs and they were running a mirror under all our trucks. I was pretty calm with the guy until he said "You'd better just get back in your truck.. this is my house." Then i had to remind him that it was us who took Iraq, not some private security company. It might be his house, but it's on my land. Thats the gist of it.. just with more pirate language in it.

Then tonight we had a mission to search a three story apartment building for weapons. Since all the people living there were inside the Academy, no one was allowed to have a weapon. The search went very well. Mize, me, Brooks, and Brewer were the first ones in (in that order) and we cleared the stairs up to the roof. Once the roof was cleared we searched everything top down. We were on the first floor before people started to realize something was going on. After everyone was moved outside the building, we started the weapons search. We found two ak47s, some body armor, and one 9mm beretta. Nothing too bad, but still not good. We turned the weapons and detainees over and called it a night.

There was a bunch more that happened but i think if i write any more.. it will be skimmed instead of read ;) Good night!
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