Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Sounds like we're going to [EDIT] someplace else [/EDIT]. Fuck.

Everyone is walking around whispering it to each other followed by "and don't tell anyone, ok?". Excuse me? It's a freaking OPORD! It's not some kind of secret document. I could maybe see a WARNO.. but even that would be strange.

So.. my work here in Iraq is about to be over. Then it will be off to the land of theivery and backstabbing. Where the word friend is only but a shell of its intended meaning. The cleanliness and correctness of your uniform supersedes your ability to function as a soldier.

I've got DCUs with velcro pockets. Why? Because it serves me better. When i was stationed at Knox in a Garrison environment, I had a set of BDUs with all the pocket buttons removed and pockets sewn shut. That way it looked better/flatter when I ironed it. I don't like being a robot. I never have. If modifying my BDUs a bit helps me express that.. so be it. I think it makes me a better soldier.

Hell, they can't even do their damned jobs! All this stupidness and insanity just keeps knocking on my door. You know what? I can't do anything about it. What happens to you when you lack the ability to direct that negative energy elsewhere? I'm just storing it up. It's fuel for a fire that hasn't yet been lit. I keep telling myself i'm going to save it for school. Do you know what a robot would do? A robot would take it out on his fellow man. That's where madness comes from.. But i know that i can log onto LiveJournal and let off a little steam and try to keep from passing it around. I've written many letters only to crumple them up and throw them away after their purpose is served.

Actually right now i'm trying to decide whether or not to delete this entire post or.. if i keep it, should it be friends only?
Bah, who cares..

I just had a thought, I wish we had a MSG Colomb here. I would do anything he told me to. Because i know that he is doing his best and serving with honor and integrity. When we all sacrifice for each other, we all gain. I won't continue to sacrifice for those who don't give a damn.
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