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ahhh my feet have the plague! The Doc says its Athlete's Foot so that's probably what it is. I think Athlete's Foot is a rather deceptive way of saying that your feet are being eaten alive by invisible demons in your sleep. Oh well. Today was rather uneventful. We were doing an IP Assessment when i heard gunshots within the IP station. I'm the only one in my truck so I call it up the ASV.. Trooper (ASV) calls back saying they were inspecting weapons when one of them went off. Went off? I heard atleast three shots. Anyways. Other than that, I slept a lot. Oh yea! I called Dan from the Embassy, he was getting ready to do his National Guard stuff for Derby.

Tomorrow we are going to install brand new turrets for our HMMWVs. I haven't had a look at them yet, but i think they are Armor upgrade kits. I'll take more Armor any day! Well, it's almost 0500 and i need to sleep. Yup, its 0500 alright, i can hear prayer. Bah, i can't ever sleep with those guys singing.. or chanting.. or whatever.
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