Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Today was "maintenance day" which is really a way to say "down day" which is kind of a "day off". I slept until noon :) mmm.. Dreams. Except i had this one where a Camel Spider lived on me and was kinda like my familiar.. and talked to me. Anyways. I started the day by removing 3/4ths of the contents from my wall locker. In an attempt to downsize my belongings i've had to give away and throw away all kinds of useful things. I felt bad so i braided a bunch of 550 cord into a big rope and made a grappling hook. It rocks. I also put my first mod onto my SAW. Picatinni rail and forward grip. mmm, sweet. I really can't use the bipods as well with it, but hey! It's too cool. I think i'm going to spray paint the plastic parts of it with tan stripes (i can always paint it black again later).

Ok, current things going on within the company. New First Sergeant and Commander. 2nd and 3rd platoon have been moved down to Camp Bucca. [Does that mean no more IP assessments? Aren't those assessments part of the exit strategy?] 4th Plt is on alert to possibly be moved. Reports from former 4th plt soldiers say that at Camp Echo they are more concerned with powerpoint presentations and uniform correctness than conducting useful and meaningful missions. I admit though, ever since 4th was torn down we haven't done all that much to help Iraq. They want Drivers to have the SAW instead of the Gunners. So if something happens they can dismount and lay suppressive fire. (i'm sorry.. i refuse to discuss this as the entire matter is just retarded). I was offered a 4 day pass for May and I turned it down. We have finally moved to CipherText instead of PlainText on Plt & Company net. Our Chowhall was expanded! Also a MWR facility is under construction and it looks huge! One of our interpreters was murdered (assassinated?) and most of the rest have quit because of it. Mortar-flare's parachute doesn't deploy and burns down some of our HESCO barriers (sandbag-like defenses). The El-Salvador's have a new ambulance. It's a pickup truck with flames painted on the sides. It rocks. The Romanians built a place to "relax your spirit". They have a nice fountain shooting into a lit pool surrounded by palm trees and benches. I know it sounds stupid.. but it's really cool. Especially since the fountain is made of a trashcan lid, a showerhead, and a bunch of plastic tubing.

Rumors and possibilities. Camp Charlie might close in coming months. However, 4th has an invitation to stay at the Embassy (about 1k away) and continue mission. 940th might be moving to another Brigade (no more 18th?). Things are in motion to discharge 2LT Palmer from service.

I was looking at a map the other day and realized just how big a portion of Iraq 4th platoon is responsible for. It just blows my mind that a platoon can successfully manage such a large area. Though i guess "success" is relative to how much you put in. What are the other 10s of thousands of soldiers doing here? Are they just convoying stuff back and forth across iraq for fun?

Too many soldiers, NCOs, and Officers are focused on surviving this deployment in Iraq. I don't want to survive. I want to win, damnit!

Quote of the day: METT-TC overrides SOP.
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