Carnes (tibman) wrote,

well.. it's been a while since my last entry. I'd like everyone to know that all the soldiers here at Charlie (or recently removed) are in good health. Camp Bucca was an interesting visit. Most of the platoon came down with the Bucca bug (not me, yay!). During the trip we searched over half of all the detainees in theater. The AirForce guys didn't like the way we worked though. We actually 'searched' and found a ton of weapons, contraband, and downright evil stuff. Earlier this year one of the camps exploded an ATV and burnt down over a dozen tents. Yet the AirForce still allows them to have lighters? Anyways, I met a cool girl there, Amy Rose. She totally reminds me of Bjork (yeah, she's really that wierd). There was also a 24/7 coffee shop.. omg, we went there three times a day.

Something happened on the way back from Bucca that changed the direction of my life. I am going to go to school (never thought i'd say that with so much definition). I'm going to become an officer in the MP regt. What happened on the way back from Bucca made me furious and every thread of my soul cried out. I fell asleep that night convinced i was being led by "cowards and traitors". I am making it my duty to fill the leadership gap on the combat side of the MP regt. I have outgrown being the obiedient soldier and I don't think leading soldiers as an NCO will be enough.

Anyways, i'll be on here later.. we have to do some layout stuff..
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