Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Ok, almost finished with this trip. My team and I are sitting at camp Echo waiting for a ride out of this place and back to Charlie. We thought there was a ride today but we don't have too many friends here and have to wait another day. In protest of their actions, i'm sleeping on my truck tonight instead of accepting their temporary housing. If they think that taking us home is a waste of "time and fuel" then i don't need to use any of their lodging space. Company thinks that we went to Kuwait on an unofficial vacation. I admit, i ate at BurgerKing every damn day we were there. But we also worked like crazy to get the things we needed. Heck, smoot accidently got injected with Antropine when we were scrounging medical supplies. Company is going down there on the 1st and i'll be damned if I help them with any of the contacts we made. Bah.. I just don't like it when someone says I was messing around instead of working. Anyways..

None of these computers will let you use the right mouse button so it's kind of like trying to tie your shoes with only one hand.

Most of the things we found in kuwait were truck parts. We found a bunch of cammo netting, an AC unit for a HMMWV, 45 lbs of freon, brakes & rotors, Passenger side ballistic windows, over a dozen tires, more tools, a frisbee, two brand new engines, some commo stuff, and a bunch of odds and ends. It was a pretty productive trip. No ammo and no pyro though. Actually, soldiers in kuwait didn't even have personal weapons. All the weapons were locked up in Arms Rooms.

Everyone stared at us the whole time too, it was really strange. After the second day we realized it was because we looked like rag bags. Everyone down there had pressed DCU's and were pristine. People mostly could tell we weren't from around there and left us alone. I think SGT Hopper got the most 'Hey you!'s. We did our best not to conform to their garrison environment.. except for the driving. They had a speed limit and MPs who enforced it strictly.

Well, hopefully we'll be back home at Camp Charlie by the time anyone reads this. Oh, and we stopped by a Ziggurate near the Iraq-Kuwait border. I found some pottery and took a bunch of great pics. I'll put those up asap.
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