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17 November 2002 @ 11:26 am
I got hacked sometime last night.. if i would have had that damn Gentoo installed this wouldn't have happened! i cleaned it up and shut down most of my services.. no ssh/ftp/www for now. I'm considering trying Gentoo again.. (being violated can be a motivator, LOL) The worst part is, since i just put her up, i hadn't had time to install all my trace detects and scan detects and blah blah.. oh well.. shit happens i guess? I'll put up more later on how he/she did it. OH, and it wasn't just hacked, this person had / on my machine. I'm taking Jenny off my network.. "Angel, you have the con.."
Current Mood: disturbed
Danwarraven on November 17th, 2002 04:05 pm (UTC)
well, the subject says it all.. sorry, i just think it's kinda funny. but none the less hopefully you can find the bastard and nuke the shiznit out of him!