Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Well, it's 0211 and i'm at the Hodgi Internet cafe. I went and grabbed my laptop and I'm trying to install Gentoo on it right now. It will be nice to use a more familiar OS again. Tomorrow I have the day off! So i'll be able to clean up my room and take care of some stuff. I managed to get my laundry done today and did some serious cleaning of my weapons. So i should have mostly free time tomorrow.

I had to climb on top of my house and squeegee off the roof. It has rained so much here and my connex leaks bad. I had a cooler half full of water from last night It's strange, but it reminds me of Dan's basement. OMG, and i found a set of golf clubs on the roof next to mine. I pointed my light over and was like wtf? So i stepped over onto my neighbors house and sure enough, a set of golf clubs. I think i'll practice hitting rocks across the LZ tomorrow. Who knows? maybe i'll start a trend. All the secret golfers will emerge and we'll form a brotherhood of amateur rock golf in iraq across the LZ.

The Mongolian guys are starting to get crazy here. They usually leave us Americans alone, but they've been stopping people randomly and checking IDs and stuff. Eric was stopped the other day driving in the hoopty. They kept saying "KBR numba" (KBR number). He tried to explain it didn't have one (Because it is pretty much a stolen truck). Vaughn (Dan knows him) was stopped on the way to the bathroom. He was in his PTs and didn't have his ID. They jumped out of the truck like they were assaulting an objective and demanded he show his ID. He said he didn't have it, he was going to take a shit. They would yell "ID!" and he would yell back "SHIT!". That went on for a minute until they gave up and drove away.

more to come.. probably.
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