Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Still here, everything is good. It's a bit early in the morning..

I thought i discovered a day off. Our truck was deadlined today because the batteries aren't charging. blah blah.. we worked on it for two hours or so. Then our squadleader says that since our truck was down, we wouldn't be going out of the wire tomorrow. Umm.. wha? If we deadline our truck, we get the day off? And the whole time we've been the only team to not have a deadlined vehicle. Or atleast not for very long. It's like that secret that everyone knows except you. Anyways, they went ahead and gave a bunch of people the day off. So do we fix our truck on our day off or what?

geez, i'm sure this isn't even coherent. Way too much non-sleeping. Though i think Eric has me beat on sleepless nights. He does his TOC duties and comes out on missions with us. Though, he really seems more at peace in the middle of the streets of Ah Hilla than inside the safety of Camp Charlie. Sometimes i wish i could just take off my body armor and sit down at a cafe and have some tea. Then maybe try to make conversation with whomever was sitting closest. Which would really be more of a game of charades.

It's funny, sometimes i feel like i'm on Tantooine. Whether i'm a stormtrooper or a rebel is still up in the air. But all the armor and crushing use of force is pointing towards stormtrooper. lol, what's really funny is that donkeys sound EXACTLY like those sand raiders. I just need more tracer rounds to complete the delusion.

PS: bah, two of my favorite radiohead cds have gone missing! also, don't try to pee inside those little plastic latrines at night without a light.
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