Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Hello World!

I'm currently at CPA just outside Camp Charlie (my new home) inside the city of Ah Hilla. Phew, so much has happened! So i'll just give a brief summary of the last few weeks.

- Went to kuwait.. lots of sand
- Volunteered for a detail to guard weapons at Ali Al Saleem Air Base. Detail lasts three days when myself, two others, and the weapons board a C130 bound for Iraq (notice just three people?).
- Three specialists manage to survive in iraq for a couple days with 6110 lbs of weapons by themselves.
- blah blah, go to Camp Charlie
- Second day outside the wire on a mission to carry troops to Kerbala disaster strikes:

The HMMWV in front of my vehicle hit a truck causing it to collide with a van full of people. The van flipped over and rolled several times. I jumped out of our truck with my CLS bag and was first onto the scene. I treated several wounded civilians, one gravely injured to his head. Rumor is that he died at the hospital, but i really don't know. I felt terrible all day.

- That night we conducted a "Cordon and Knock" looking for several key players known to be in the region. Some success.
- Our mission here is to pretty much supervise the IPs (Iraqi Police) and sometimes we support the local SF group in their missions.

i'm going to post this before windows crashes or something and make another post.. or maybe jump onto aim.
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