Carnes (tibman) wrote,

it's very crazy here..

Its for sure that we're going though, no more possible delays and what not. Departure is the same as before. Right now we are at Fort Dix's FOB (forward operating base). We have been doing all kinds of crew tasks like MOUT, IMT, and "group" land nav. Actually, today, my team and I tied the record for fastest time on the dismounted land nav course. The time was 55 minutes, a bunch of marines had previously set it.

Right now i'm sitting in the hallway in my PJs. They allowed us to come back for two hours and shower/eat/sleep or whatever. The weather is kinda rough at the moment, usually wet and cold. We aren't authorized to run the heater past midnight so it's always sub 40's in the tent when we wake up. I have a pretty good little schedule going.. wake up, freeze to death, put on frozen clothes, eat chow, steal as many chocolate milk's and granola bars as i can from the chow hall. After that it's work/training. Come home, clean weapon, clean up self, around 2200 when i jump into bed we get attacked by mortars (simulated) so we put on our armor, grab our weapons, and run out to the simulated bunker and wait 30-45 minutes until they say all clear. Most of the time i'm outside in my skivies, kevlar, body armor, and weapon. Pretty much underwear and bulletproof armor. It's a tad cold.

Incase not everyone knows, i'm a SAW gunner. I have a great team (though my team leader tries to hump me all the time), an awesome platoon (and LT), and.. well that's the good stuff. I've almost got a camera filled up and i'll be sending the pictures to Dan soon. We might only get two days to recover, pack, and climb onto the plane after the field stuff.. so i might not be able to do much or talk to many people before i leave. But i'll try.

Good night everyone!

PS: OH yea, i was in times square for New Years.. it rocked.. it was a spur of the moment, go beyond 25 mile pass, don't get seen on tv, kinda thing.
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