Carnes (tibman) wrote,

woa, i just had a nightmare. It involved all kinds of army stuff..

I was doing some random training and one of the instructors asked me what my MOS was. I told him 19D Cavalry Scout. He looked at me strange and tilted his head to the side a bit. Then he said, "Didn't they get rid of that MOS?". I just laughed, "No way, they couldn't ever do that." Then he showed me a newspaper that supported what he said.
I was in shock, outraged. "How could they get rid of the Cav Scout!?"
"They don't need them, they can use other MOS's." he said.
I was beyond reason at this point. "Are you insane! Everyone will die, do they realize what they've done?"
He smiled a bit, "What are you talking about, all you have to do is find the enemy and let the tanks handle the rest."
My army mind started spewing forth all my memorized recon knowledge, "One of the fundamentals of recon is 'Gain and Maintain enemy contact', do you understand what that means?"
He thought for a second, "oh, so you can't break contact if the enemy engages you."
"Exactly!", i chirped in. "Or what about 'Develop the Situation rapidly'? The scouts on the ground have to 'develop the situation', that's a nice way of saying 'plot and carry out the enemies demise'. The scouts decide whether to use Artillery, tanks, or air and they are the commander's senses on the battlefield."

He just shook his head, "If they needed scouts, they would have kept them. But they didn't. Besides, it's not like they've been around for a long time"
I couldn't even speak fast enough, "Are you crazy? The Cavalry! Who has a longer tradition than the Cavalry? The Cavalry are the masters of mounted warfare. Whether horseback, ATVs, motorcycles, helicopters, or armored vehicles. The Cav has been around since the dawn of mounted warfare! Haven't you ever heard of Custer? His regiment, the 7th Cav Regt is still fighting today, in korea!"

From there, the discussion had already turned into an argument and then into just rambling. It was a nightmare though. I suppose it was my brain trying to make me break my last few remaining grips. Muahaha, your plot failed, brain! Now i shall drink some beer to make you pay for your foul plot.
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