Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Today we celebrated Sarah's 20th birthday! Though a bit late, it was fun. Dan "put the internet on Sarah's computer", I ate a third of her cake and watched CSI, and Sarah copied a ton of Calculus notes! It was a blast, lol.

Back from MP reclass school. I have three more days until i report to the MOB station. They want us at the MOB site for 30 - 45 days and an out of country NLT 31 Jan 05.

I noticed that Angel wasn't on this morning. She was up and fine during Thanksgiving, so i thought maybe it was just a power outage turned her off and no one remembered to turn her back on. I did a couple checks and still couldn't get her to power on. She really doesn't need to be on anyways, all she does is serve my data and stuff. So i took out the Archive drive and put it into Jill. "Hmmm, it's not working?". Guess what? The drive is toast. My only up to date total archive backup was on Talyn, which was formated a month ago. My last total backup was on 25 Dec 2003. It's 20+ gigs on a bunch of 700mb cds. All the email, pictures, and CODE!! over the last year is gone. The only code that might have survived is Ironwill. It's possible Dan still has it on his computer or in his recycling bin. ahhh! please let him still have it!

That data was pretty much the only thing i had left. One time my building was on fire, i ran past the barricades and got into my room, grabbed the archive and was escorted out and back to the parking lot.
all my little hacks and snippets of code that held stuff together..
damn damn damn..

That code was almost a mirror of my psyche. I feel like a part of my mind was erased..

Sorry if i seem a little extreme, but this is seriously bad. I had so much there. I wasn't sure if i wanted to bring a laptop with me on deployment, but now? Now i must! To rebuild what has been lost. There is soo much code that needs to be rewritten.

To me, writing a poem, painting a picture, and writing code all fall into the art category. You can have bad paintings, disorganized, simplistic, detailed, abstract, beautiful, and so on. The same goes for a program or piece of code. I feel as if a years worth of paintings were just lost.

Well, not much i can do about it now. I'll try a couple more data recovery methods tomorrow, but i'm sure the drive is toast.
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