Carnes (tibman) wrote,

ahhh, i'm misapropiating government funds!

Gotta hurry up.. Everything is fine here.. i run every night almost. Good food.. good people. I read all the time, mostly Anne Rice stuff. I'll try to get on and actually write something soon.

You should see this troop trail though. It's so peaceful. The moon, wind in the trees, the sound of your feet on the ground. Miles and miles into the forest. I haven't found the end of it yet! It just keeps challanging me to go further and further each time. I've gone four miles down it so far. Keep in mind, that's also four miles back. So each mile further i go down, is actually two that i'm going to run. It's great!

Since my expected return isn't until early 2006, i'm planning on taking leave just after Sarah's Birthday, so we can all go to vegas! On my dollar, i they ever get my pay right ;)
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