Carnes (tibman) wrote,

The City of Minds server is down..

The City of minds server is down.. most likely for a while. I thought maybe i could afford another month, but alas.. no. Sorry to anyone who used it for mail or kept pictures/movies and what not. Everything anyone put on the server is backed up locally here. I plan on getting another server soon, preferably with ServerBeach (i've never had a problem with them). But until then, i'm going to get the domains pointed here to the NA cluster. It's low/slow bandwidth, and websites will only be available at night.. but, it's better than nothing!

If anyone has an idea to make the server self-sufficient, it would be much appreciated.

-=Tibtown project=-
When: started pre Cityofminds
Purpose: Provide a city type of environment where citizens could post acticles that would accumulate into the city archive. This could be anything from game reviews, programming tutorials, to tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories.
Amount Done: Basic archive structure, dynamic pages, internal msgs, login system
Lacking: Home area where users can submit articles and manage various things
Why's it incomplete? Spending too much time debuging and polishing other code and upgrading existing things to create more. Also, i've lost motivation with lack of interest.

-=Shell project=-
When: Early 2004
Purpose: allow users to purchase linux shell accounts cheap and upgrade them with various options.
Amount Done: Almost all coding is complete. Users can purchase their account through a paypal on a monthly subscription (you don't need a paypal account, just a credit card). Users can manage basic shell functions from the web (reset passwd, upgrade features).
Lacking: Missing a gui to go with the code. It's a very plain layout with forms at the moment. The upgrade code needs some work as well.
Why's it incomplete? I started coding more heavily on the IronWill project.

If anyone has interest in revising, viewing, or reimplementing any of these projects, let me know. The goal is to first pay the monthly server and associated fees, then the rest goes to whomever.

Ribcage and Warraven also have some great ideas they are working on as well. However, i don't know the details of them.

Someday, the COM server(s) will be the launchpad for IronWill, so we need scalability and bandwidth.
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