Carnes (tibman) wrote,

Success with the IronWill random terrain generator! It is designed so that it is randomly generated and nearly endless. I'm still working on generating custom textures (or atleast aligned existing ones up correctly), so there is just a 256x256 bitmap stretched over the whole thing. You can see the terrain mesh though.. it's great! It has taken nearly a week and a half of programming to get the formulas just right. Here are the stages it went through.. you can see it started REALLY bad. Most of the pics have a higher res counter-part.

I was so excited when the damn thing compiled.. only to be greeted with absolute failure, lol.

This one atleast looked like it could exist in our plane of existence.

Starting to formulate how to make hills, valleys, smooth, etc terrain.

It's beautiful! Easily changable too! Small long hills (plains), Mountains, you name it!

After this is attaching objects to the terrain such as trees, rocks, and whatnot. I'd really like to get dynamic textures to go with the mesh, but it'll set me back a long time learning how.

Dan and I have already created a three computer cluster in the basement for the generation of all the maps. The actual maps will be several hundred times the shown size, then multiply that by thousands and thousands of maps. It will probably take a week for our cluster to generate them all. Fairly grand.. but why not?

BTW, looking for ANY kind of help with the project
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