Carnes (tibman) wrote,

For anyone who has ever heard of John Titor and enjoyed reading about such fanciful things.

Ted's Caver Story is a diary/journal about a group of friends who go caving from time to time. Apparently they found a cave that was a bit out of their league. It's a rather long read, but WORTH it. Some pictures are mixed throughout the pages.

...Just as I started into the squeeze (a VERY small passage they call Floyd's Tomb) I felt the wind in the passage increase, and with it the most nauseating stench I have ever experienced. It smelled like damp, rotting, rancid, putrid, DEATH. I almost started to dry-heave. I pulled my shirt up over my nose to shield me from the over-powering smell. At this point B smelled it too. He yelled, "WHAT is THAT?"....

It starts getting strange on page5&6, so just skip through to there (but look at the pictures and captions).
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