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11 November 2002 @ 07:42 pm
Final Departure? probably..  
Most of the old group got together this weekend to relive old memories and see old friends (group = Dan, Mike, Josh R, and myself). We said hi to Beckie, visited Jen and Kristen (probably for the last time ever), and started a fire with Sarah. Andrea apparently moved out of Jen's apartment? Nobody know's where she lives or how to get a hold of her? She was half the reason we went to Lexington! Oh, and we didn't really start a fire; a plastic container somehow found its way onto the oven and melted.. creating smoke, chaos, and a VERY loud shrill with strobe lights.. YAY!

Well, Dan is gone now.. he has Departed for Cu.. er i mean that place ;) Which brings up something.. Jen said all humans are equal, they shouldn't put the Taliban in cages. I wanted to say something before, but didn't want to prolong the argument. All humans are _created_ equal. A person must pay for their own consequences. My battle buddy is going to a place where he can't say his own name or wear his nametag on his BDUs because he values his family's safety. Some people are evil because they choose to be, period.
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Current Music: Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
Dan: ninjawarraven on March 22nd, 2005 12:18 am (UTC)
damn straight, i guess i can say the same about your situation in a way... some people choose to be evil, period. so, i'll be waiting here at home for you to come back, and then we can go fight bad guys together.

and.. umm, yeah, i was bored so i started reading really old journal entries.. and since you and i have the oldest i started with those ;)